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Located in Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee, Iron Riders Outpost was founded December 2008 by motorcycle enthusiast Steve Drake.  Steve moved from Sunny South Florida with his wife Jennifer and daughter Victoria, to better their family & lifestyle.  

Iron Riders Outpost started as a small handbag shop in the Great Smokies Flea Market.  Steve made the decision to risk his retirement fund and with a small $5,000 loan from his sister-in-law, Leanna Andrejcak.

Steve and Jennifer purchased a small business in a falling economy, after Steve lost his job of 10 years in 2007 they decided to name their business after their daughter, Victoria’s Place Handbags & More.  This was a very scary proposition that Steve made for their future with a very uncertain economy.

The motorcycle section of Victoria’s Place Handbags & More was a very small section of the store that had a couple of saddlebags sitting on a table.  Steve wanted a way to bring ALL motorcycle enthusiasts together as well as having great conversation, meeting new friends and offer products and affordable prices.  Steve and Jennifer listened to their customers, when someone asked for a product they were determined to get it.   “We still listen to our friends and customers comments and suggestions.  This is the foundation of our business, and we can never forget that!”

Steve & Jennifer Drake, founders of Iron Riders Outpost, stated that the unique personality of themselves, along with all the great conversations with their customers will go a long way, and will pay off.  “We will always try to pay our motorcycle friends back by passing on any savings that we can offer,” this is our way of saying THANK YOU! 
Note to our customers:  Without the support from our friends also known as our customers we could not have done this. 
We are planning to expand and grow our business with all of you our customers in mind.  We have listened to your suggestions and requests and will continue to do so!  Please keep bringing them in.

We always want to be able to offer the best quality Motorcycle gear for bikers of all kinds!  Whatever it is you ride, I am sure that you can find something here!

Thank you!

Iron Riders Outpost LLC
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